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Find a Job

Are you our next superstar remote developer?

You live, breathe and eat code, and have fun figuring out how to solve problems. And you love living in South America or Eastern Europe. But you don’t feel as fulfilled as your friends in North America.
DistantJob will find you full-time employment with the best North-American companies, where you’ll work from home, and earn a premium over what’s usually paid in those countries.
You must be fluent in English and at the top of your field. We’re looking for Senior IT experts with several years of experience. Sounds good? Check out the remote tech positions below.



How much are you paying?

What, no foreplay? Getting right to business? Okay. Payment is dependant on the role and position you apply for, and on the budget of the company you will be working for. Once you apply for a position, you’ll tell us your salary expectations, and we’ll see if that matches with our client’s budget. If we think it’s a match, or close enough to negotiate, we’ll let you know.

Do I have to pay anything to apply?

Nope. We make money from getting you a job, not from listing you. You don’t pay us anything, ever; our client businesses do.

Are these full-time jobs?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yeeeeeeeeessssssss. Longer answer: We might have a part-time role available from time to time, but most of them are full-time.

How many hours do I need to work? Is there schedule flexibility?

That depends on the company you get placed in. Most of them require a regular, full-time schedule commitment, and usually in one of the North-American timezones. That means up to 40 hours per week.

Can I work from home? What about from the beach? While I surf?

You’ll need to be contactable and ready to communicate during your agreed-upon work hours. So we recommend you avoid noisy locations and small surf-boards. But otherwise, you are free to choose where you work from – as long as you actually sit down and work and are contactable during those set hours.

I’m a freelancer, can you find me work?

Short answer: No. Longer answer: Still no.

Why do you hate freelancers?

Don’t be like that. We love you guys – you’re just not part of our business model. We are looking for focused full time people that work during specific hours. If you ever feel like having a career change and going full-time remote for a single, great company, get in touch – we’ll set you up!

So… How do I get paid?

That’s mostly up to you. We’re pretty good at paying! We support a lot of payment methods, so worry about applying for the available jobs – we’ll pay you however you prefer, every month.

So what about taxes, social security payments, and all of that?

We’re a socially and fiscally responsible company, and we take care of all our taxes with no burden on you. As for your local social security contributions and/or income taxes (if applicable), we strongly advise you to be legit and pay them. We will provide you with all the documentation you require to do so. But it’s in your hands – we don’t take care of that for you. Sorry.

Do you like pandas?

YES, thank you for asking. We LOVE pandas – they taste awesome and the fur looks good with everything.

I’m a [programming language] developer, do you have work for me?

You can leave your contact and skill info here in our general application form , and we’ll get in touch whenever we have something that fits your profile.

So who am I working for if I apply and get into one of these jobs?

You’re working for the company that you applied for, but you are contracted with E empire com intc DBA DistantJob.

That’s super confusing. I’m good at code, not a business talk. Can you break it down for me?

OK. Let’s say you answer an offer to be a full-stack Ruby-on-Rails developer. We are looking for someone to fill this position on behalf of our client,

When you get up in the morning, you login to the project management of, the company that you’re working for. The people you meet there are your colleagues. The managers there are your bosses. They’re the people that you work with on a daily basis, and you are a part of that company. They are the guys that you’ll get to know and love and maybe join to play a World of Tanks during the weekend. These are the people you will be working with and interacting on a daily basis.

DistantJob only makes the initial connection, and handles all your paperwork, payments and HR needs. We will be the ones that pay you every month. That’s it – for every other purpose, you are an employe of TastyPandaCuisine!

I’m not great at English. Do you still have work for me?

Not often. Sorry. Most of our positions require a good level of english. But you never know! Keep checking

Do you provide training to help me speak better English?

No, we don’t. Sorry!

Do you provide any kind of training?

We can get you pretty good at DOTA and CS:GO, but that’s it. Remember, we place you in our client companies – the kind of training you get will be up to them.

Is this some kind of scam? There was that one guy…

Yeah, that guy was a bit of a **** . Seriously, no companies have a 100% satisfaction record – but we are pretty damn close! We’ve had one negative review in nearly a decade. That’s not bad – ask any of the people that we placed in great jobs and we’re sure you’ll only hear good things!


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