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Strategies for Startups to Find and Hire Developers(2024)

Finding and hiring the right developers is a cornerstone for your startup’s success, especially given the precarious nature of startup longevity. Statistics reveal that 70% […]

10 Tech Recruitment Tips That Matter – Backed By Our IT Experts

Hiring developers can be challenging if you don’t have any technical background. You can have general guidelines and a technical recruiting cheat sheet, but it […]

What is Remote Recruitment and How Can It Help My Company?

Remote recruitment, also known as virtual recruitment, is the process of sourcing, interviewing, evaluating, and hiring employees for remote positions, all conducted virtually through modern […]

This enables our team to deliver their best work and innovate how headhunting and HR are done on a global scale.

EOR vs PEO: Selecting the Right Employment Strategy 

Employer of Record (EOR) and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) offer distinct approaches when it comes to managing employees and handling HR tasks. While both offer […]

 A Beginner’s Guide to Software Repositories

Software repositories or repos enable developers to easily store and access resources and collaborate with other developers regardless of location. As a result, software development […]

Technical Screening: How to Get It Right from The Start?

On average, the recruitment process for IT roles takes 44 days, making it one of the industries with the lengthiest hiring processes, mainly due to the […]

12 Principles of Software Development

Today, there are many software programs that help individuals and businesses with daily tasks. That also means users won’t hesitate to look for alternatives if […]

Integrating SEO into Web Development: Guide for Developers

SEO is make-or-break for websites wanting visibility these days. It’s all the strategies that boost your search engine ranking so more people find you organically. Higher […]

Hiring an App Developer? Can You Spot the Good from the Bad?

The global mobile app market is projected to generate a staggering $939 billion in revenue by the close of 2023, and finding and hiring experienced […]

10 Types of Software Architecture Patterns

When designing software architectures, developers often address the same problem over and over again. Here’s when software architecture patterns make the difference, providing reusable schemes […]

How to Hire Remote Developers? 7 Straight Forward Strategies

Hiring remote developers presents a unique opportunity for your business to tap into a global talent pool, saving resources and competitive advantage. To fully leverage […]

Women in Tech: How to Increase Diversity in Your Startup [Infographic]

When you think of successful people in the tech industry, it’s probably personalities like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk that come […]

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