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Senior Symfony Developer

I asked a PHP developer how he handles stress. He said, ‘try{}catch{}.'” – Unknown

We're looking for an experienced Symfony Developer to be the new second developer of our client's team. You'll be working closely with the owner, a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience in the field and 10 years of experience in consultancy work. You'll get the chance to participate in varied projects in fields such as meditation and health, and work in a dynamic and challenging environment. This company is servicing a handful of steady, long-term clients, and the workload has outgrown the capacity of the sole backend developer at this point.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Create, code, evaluate, implement, and troubleshoot resilient applications utilizing PHP/Symfony.


  • Establish consistent methodologies across different projects.


  • Engage with the team to comprehend client requirements and convert them into technical resolutions.


  • Provide assistance to diverse project stakeholders (Frontend developers, integrators, content managers, marketing, etc.).


  • Contribute to inventive initiatives spanning various industries.

You'll be ideal for this position if you have:

  • Vast experience in PHP and Symfony development
  • Strong command of the following components: workflow, process, validator, console, messenger
  • SonataAdmin experience
  • Excellent grasp of Github, Open API/Swagger, MongoDB and MySQL
  • Good understanding of design patterns
  • Experience using PHPStan and PHPC

Bonus points for:

  • Experience working with AWS
  • NewRelic
  • Python and/or OpenAI and AI technology skills
  • Familiarity with Docker development environments
  • Javascript and CSS skills
  • Good understanding of basic business concepts such as ROI
  • Ability to maneuver between different projects in simultaneous
  • French language skills


Are you looking for new challenges that will keep boredom away? Then fill out the form below to apply! This is a permanently remote, full-time, and long-term role. Office is a no-go and shoes are entirely optional.


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