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We’re happy as clams right now here at DistantJob. (Wait, why are clams happy? They are barely sentient! anyway…) The point is, we look forward to our upcoming conversation. We love meeting new businesses and finding out what makes them tick. Here's what you can expect from our initial discussion:

Understanding Your Needs

We’ll discuss your company’s specific needs and the technical skills you seek in future hires.

Culture Assessment

We’ll delve into your company culture to find candidates who would meet your requirements and love your mission and values.

Clarifying Expectations

We’ll set clear expectations for the recruitment process, the quality of candidates, and the expected timeline.

Answering Your Questions

You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about DistantJob, our processes, and how we can customize our approach to suit your needs.

Our goal is to ensure a successful match between your company and high-quality, full-time developers worldwide. We're excited to begin this journey with you!

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